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We are an unaffiliated Firefly resource site with no ties to any one message board, forum, or any other Firefly site. Our purpose is to offer as a complete a resource to all things Firefly as we can.
When it was first decided to create this site a fellow Browncoat and editor was asked to catalogue as many Firefly related sites as she could, as well as to gather an impression of the online fandom following cancellation.  The purpose of this was show us what kind of task we had before us as we created the site.

"Most fans seem to participate at one or two message boards and visit a couple of sites regularly.  While this is a Good Thing because we are, after all, Browncoats and Independents and don't want to join the Alliance, this fragmentation also means that many people are missing out on available resources (lots of sites have unique content) and that activities that would be helped by a large rallying of Browncoats have serious challenges getting the battle cry out there."

It was found that intersite linking was limited, and while some sites provided excellent link lists (such as the FAQ), none were comprehensive or very frequently updated.  We decided that this was to be a major part of the reasoning behind this site.

Many sites provide varied original content and are wonderful resources.  It is a testament to the show and its fans that while some sites stopped updating when the show went off air there are many still being regularly updated with news and new content and serve as the focus of Browncoat communities.

"The most active communities gather around message boards hosted on or affiliated with major sites. Participation on all the major message boards has dropped off since cancellation, but there are still large, active, and committed groups of fans out there. Perhaps the most hopeful sign of where the Firefly fandom is headed is the popularity of holding Shindigs, which really took off after cancellation."

Another of the main reasons for creating this site is to join in with the other groups active in maintaining the fandom. There are many ways internet (and other) fandom has achieved this in the absence of new episodes.  Some good examples of this are the creation of new and original Firefly based media including fan-fiction, filk (fan music), artwork, role-playing games, journals, fanzines, etc.  By providing links to as much of these as possible we intend to provide Browncoats with new and interesting things to keep them excited about the show.  Another attraction is the fandom itself and the community feeling it creates.  The various message boards, Shindigs (fan meet-ups), etc are ways that fans meet, make new friends and keep in touch.  We believe that campaigns organized this way have led not only to the release of the DVDs and helped persuade Universal to produce the Big Damn Movie, but have also helped several charities out by raising funds. 

This said there are still some problems. Some site authors cease updating their sites due to lack of visitors.  We hope to help with that by raising awareness of these sites and maybe, in time, finding other fans that can help them out.  On top of this we hope to help out with the guerrilla marketing campaigns for the DVDs and the Big Damn Movie.  Lastly we hope to act as a rallying point for Browncoats if major Firefly resources (such as the Official Bulletin Board) cease to function.

The gap we currently see in the fandom is a comprehensive cataloging site - we aim to fill that void. The continued creation of unique content is needed to maintain fan interest and we intend to bring that to you - the fans!

In the meantime keep on enjoying the show, tell your family and friends, get with the guerrilla marketing, attend the shindigs and most of all remember--

"We're still flying" 

 "That's not much" 

 "It's enough"

The Editors

Much thanks and love to HJ



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