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Gina Torres

Gina Torres played Z on Firefly, whom she portrayed as a capable and powerful woman who nonetheless remained feminine--on her own terms. 


Born in Manhattan of Cuban parents, Gina Torres began her performing career as a singer.  After attending the High School of Music and Arts, she worked her way up from dinner theater musicals to Broadway roles and a string of televison cameos. 

Ms Torres is no stranger to science fiction.  Her most notable early television work was on Hercules, Zena: Warrior Princess, and the short-lived cult series, Cleopatra 2525.  She has since appeared as a recurrent character on Alias and on Angel after Firefly's cancellation.

She has also appeared in several films: Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions, where she met her current husband, Lawrence Fishburne.  She is also appearing in the upcoming films, Beauty Shop and The Croquet Game.

Gina On Zoë

"A great character needs to be multi-faceted in terms of what she's thinking.  Strength is great, but I have to see vulnerability, too.  Which is why Sigourney Weaver in Aliens or Linda Hamilton in Terminator are great. Toughness is great, but seeing someone struggling with it is so much more interesting.  In the show Firefly, you never got to see my character Zoë fall apart and I thought she was due for a fabulously massive nervous breakdown.  I wish she had.  That would have made it incredibly interesting."


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