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Adam Baldwin



February 27, 1962


Chicago, Illinois



New Trier Township High School
Winnetka, IL


The acting career of Adam Baldwin -- no relation to the famous Baldwin brothers Alec, William, and Stephen -- has been filled with ups and downs as he aspires to the stardom that as yet, seems to elude him. Due to his muscular 6'4" frame, the handsome Baldwin is frequently cast as hulking bad guys and psychopathic killers. He has been involved with films since he appeared in My Bodyguard (1980), the story of a victimized teenager seeking the protection of the school bully (Baldwin) who is believed to have killed his brother. While he did a fine job as the taciturn, deeply traumatized young man who affects a violent facade to conceal his inner pain, it was his costar Matt Dillon who became famous. Baldwin then went on to play supporting roles in three lesser films before playing the lead in the 1986 bomb Bad Guys, where he dyed his naturally dark hair bright blond and played a young cop who becomes a wrestler after he is suspended from the force. One year later he appeared in his most memorable role as the psychopathic war-loving soldier Animal in Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket (1987). In 1992, Baldwin played a drunken, abusive stepfather in Radio Flyer. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide

His most recent appearance was on the final episodes of Angel where he played (oh so well) the evil Hamilton.  He has just finished filming the BDM Serenity and is now working on a remake of the Posieden Adventures.  Upcoming movie releases include Evil Eyes and Freediver.

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