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Jewel Staite


Jewel Staite

Jewel Staite played Kaylee on Firefly--an innocent young woman who serves as the crew's emotional compass.  Jewel's honest portrayal of Kaylee brought forth the character's vulnerability and empathy, as well as her sharp wit.


Jewel Staite has been a performer since the age of four.  She began her professional career as a child clothing model (so she could afford the clothes), which transitioned into a prolific television and movie career, including an appearance on the X-Files TV series, and a role in the film Liar Liar.

Ms Staite is also an accomplished singer, though she has demurred a singing career at present.  She is also involved in several charities, notably the Children with AIDS Project of America.  She recently married Matt Anderson in a beautiful beachside ceremony.


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