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Guest Cast


Carlos Jacott as "Laurence Dobson"
Mark A. Sheppard as "Badger"
Andy Umberger as "Captain of the IAV Dortmunder"
Philip Sternberg
Eddie Adams as "Bendis"
Colin Patrick Lynch as "Radio Operator"
Bonnie Bartlett as "Patience"
Domingo Vara as "Ensign"
Stephen O'Mahoney as "Man (Dortmunder)"
Jamie McShane as "Man"
John F. Kearney as "Old Man"
Gabrielle Wagner as "Slave #1"

The Train Job
Tom Towles as "Lund"
Andrew Bryniarski as "Crow"
Michael Fairman as "Adelai Niska"
Gregg Henry as "Bourne"
Valerie Red-Horse as "Deputy"
Kevin Will as "Officer"
Lina Patel as "Ensign"
David Reynolds* as "Henchman"
Jeff Ricketts as "Man"
Dennis Cockrum as "Other Man"
Eric Lange* as "Fed"
Tawny René Hamilton as "Immigrant Woman #1"
Michelle Ferrara as "Immigrant Woman #2"
Jeff Ricketts as "Blue Glove #1"
Dennis Cockrum as "Blue Glove #2"

Doug Savant as "Commander Harken"
Branden Morgan as "Survivor"
Jared Poe as "Ensign"
Lancer Dean Shull as "Radio Operator"

Mark A. Sheppard as "Badger"
Edward Atterton as "
Atherton Wing"
Larry Drake as "Sir Warrick Harrow"
Carl Bresk as "Wright"
Larry Pennell as "Murphy"
Michael McMillian* as "
Younger Hopeful"
Joshua Grenrock as "Porter"
Kim Onasch as "Banning"
Janora McDuffie as "Cabott"
Casey Piotrowski as "Older Farmer"
Hunter Cochran as "
Younger Farmer"
Roy Werner as "Gentleman"

Isabella Hofmann as "Regan Tam"
William Converse-Roberts as "
Gabriel Tam"
John Thaddeus as "Stark"
Gary Werntz as "Patron"
Andrew A. Rolfes as "Older Grange"
Matthew C. Ferreira as "Younger Grange"
Joel Steingold as "Head Cop"
Erica N. Tazel as "Doralee"
Ron Ostrow as "Commander"
Morina Pierce as "Ruby"
Skylar Roberge as "Young River"
Zac Efron as "Young Simon"

Our Mrs. Reynolds
Christina Hendricks as "Saffron"
Benito Martinez as "Corbin"
Erik Passoja as "Breed"
Bob Fimiani as "Elder Gommen"  
Alex Stemkovsky as "Bandit #1"

Gregory Itzin as "Magistrate Higgins"
Daniel Bess as "Mudder Man"
Kevin Gage as "Stitch Hessian"
Zachary Kranzler as "Fess Higgins"
Jordan Lund as "Foreman"
Bob McCracken* as "Well-Dressed Man"
Ronald Craig Williams as "Busker"
John Jabaley as "Bartender"
Laura Niemi as "Woman"
Simon Brooke as "Prod"
Clement E. Blake as "Mudder Elder"

Out of Gas
Steven Flynn as "Captain"
Ilia Volok as "Marco"
Lyle Kanouse as "Salesman"
Dax Griffin as "Bester"
Roderick L. McCarthy* as "Lackey #1"

Blake Robbins as "Agent McGinnis"
Jeff Ricketts as "Blue Glove #1"
Dennis Cockrum as "Blue Glove #2"
Tom Virtue as "Officious Doctor"
Roma Chugani as "Receiving Doctor"
Ira Steck as "Young Intern"
Michael Nagy as "Particularly Dressed Man"
Alex Connie as "Patient"
Cate Cohen as "Crash Team Nurse"

War Stories
Michael Fairman as "Niska"
Katherine Kendall as "Councilor"
Rolando Molina as "Bolles"
John Dunn* as "Torturer"
Michael A. Bentt as "Viktor"
Adam Pilver as "Vanilla Husband"
Johnny Shakespeare as "Torture Victim"
Jason Van* as "Man"

Christina Hendricksas "Saffron
Dwier Brown  as "Durran Haymer"
Franc Ross as "Monty"
John Eric Bentley as "Police Sergeant"

The Message
Jonathon M. Woodward as "Tracey"
Richard Burgi as Lieutenant "Womack"
Al Pugliese as "Amnon"
Tod Nakamura as "Fendris"
Craig Vincent as "Skunk"
Morgan Rusler as "Barker"

Heart of Gold
Melinda Clarke as "Nandi"
Kimberly McCullough as "Chari"
Fredric Lane as "Rance Burgess"
Tracey Leah Ryan as "Petaline"
Heather Black as "Helen"
Angie Hart as "Lucy"
Doan Ly as "Emma"
Sandy Mulvihill as "Belinda"
Jim Lau as "Shadow Puppet Narrator"

Objects in Space
Richard Brooks as "Jubal Early"

*found in IMDB Pro


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