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List of Firefly Bloopers and 'Easter Eggs'

From the opening credits:

  • If you look closely at right above the stampeding horses, you can see the top spoiler(?) of a car that is actually scaring the horses. [First reported by Shiny]

From Serenity:

  • Just after Mal shoots down the plane in the teaser and he realizes that it's headed their way, he yells out to warn Zoe and knocks her to the ground -- if you slow it down you can see Gina grinning as she hits the ground. (obligatory Fillionaire response: "that's no blooper!  What woman wouldn't grin if Cappy tackled her?") [First reported by Rowan]
  • When the crew is breaking into the hold of the deralict you can see some of the 'sticky' stuff used to "boil" the door lock before its even been applied. [First reported by GunRunner]
  • After the crew lands on Persephone, you can see a prop guy's hand show up at the bottom right of screen to help pull the mule off of Serenity's ramp. [First reported by Shiny]
  • When Inara flies her shuttle away after her client leaves, she holds the "steering wheel" upside down (as Nathan mentions in the commentary).
  • When Inara lands her shuttle on Serenity, you can see an Imperial Shuttle from Star Wars in the background. [First reported by BadgerS1]
  • In the scene where Mal and Zoe discuss shooting the passengers "politely" if they get too nosy (a scene which Joss describes as a "reshoot" in the commentary), Mal's coat sleeve is ripped/patched, even though he has not been shot yet. [First reported by SPLibertarian]
  • When Wash tells Zoe that the 'Ambassador' has arrived, Zoe isn't wearing her jacket, but when she turns the corner going down the stairs to tell Mal that they have a full house, she's wearing it again. [First reported by Blythe Vincent]
  • When Mal decks Simon, if you look closely or play it in slo-mo, you can see the hands of a man who catches Sean as he falls. [First reported by Pip]
  • Kaylee got shot in the stomach while wearing her green jumpsuit with the teddy bear on it.  Later in other episodes, she wears the same jumpsuit but there are no holes or bloodstains (as opposed to Mal's coat, which was patched after he was shot in the arm in the firefight with Patience's gang). [First reported by MoonGlow628]
  • When we first encounter the Reaver ship, it and Serenity fly extrememly slowly past each other, which makes for good dramatic effect, but doesn't make much sense (as Joss admits in the commentary).
  • During the shoot out on Whitefall, Zoe uses her hand to cock her gun but misses and has to try again (this also appears in the opening credits of all the episodes). [First reported by MadMax]
  • During the "Crazy Ivan", the two shots of the port engine flipping are reversed -- it flips forward (into normal position) in the first shot, then flips backwards in the second shot.  It should be the other way around.
  • In one of the shots shortly after escaping the Reavers, Alan Tudyk is only miming holding the "steering  wheel" (as Joss mentioned in the commentary, they had to pull the chair back to get the shot they wanted).

From The Train Job:

  • The lady in a burkha on the train is shown carrying a baby in the background when everyone has to get off the train.  Watch her, a jeep passes by her quite slowly and she doesn't notice and walks right into it, baby's head first! [First reported by Zoriah]
  • On the sheriff's "police" patch, the Chinese character (jing3) is written backwards, noticeable in the interrogation scene. [First reported by Ying]

From Bushwhacked:

  • When Zoe says "Ship powered down on its own" there's no staticy clicking sound of the suit communicators turning on and off before and after she speaks, although the sound is present in all of her other lines while suited. [First reported by Shiny]

From Shindig:

  • When Inara arrives at the ball her name is announced by the man at the podium. Kaylee and Mal are announced before they even enter the room and then walk right past the guy at the podum who must have announced them using his super spidey senses. [First reported by DamnitGirlie]
  • During the dance scene someone wearing shorts, a baseball cap and a dark hawaiian shirt walks onto the set (time: 12min 48 sec -- in the top part of the frame there is a doorway and the person walks in from the right to the middle of the entrance) [First reported by shoeFly]
  • At one point, while Mal and Inara are dancing, you can see Morena's microphone slip out of the back of her dress at the waist. [First reported by Delia]
  • When Zoe and Wash are just finished having sex and Wash is commenting about how he likes their party better, Zoe doesn't have her cord necklace on, but later in the commentary for this episode, costume designer Shawna Trpcic says that Zoe's cord necklace is symbolic of her marriage to Wash and she never takes it off. [First reported by Kellee C.]
  • In the sword duel scene, the excessive artificial ground fog/mist makes it appear that a tree is on fire (as mentioned by Morena in the commentary)

From Safe:

  • When Kaylee shows Inara the decorative plate, Kaylee holds the plate rotated a bit to her left. Then they cut to Inara and quickly come back to Kaylee now holding the plate rotated to her right and with her grip changed. [First reported by Ying]

From Our Mrs. Reynolds:

  • When Mal and Jayne are seated in the front of the floating wagon, in a close up Mal has his pretty floral bonnet on, then in a long shot it is off, then close up again it is on, then he pulls it off. [First reported by DamnitGirlie]
  • At the celebration in the teaser, when Elder Grommon gives Jayne the rainstick, the camera pans around the two of them sitting on a log.  When it gets around behind them, just as Jayne is sitting back up after hugging Elder Gommen, THERE IS A CAMERMAN in front of Jayne, between him and the dancing. He's standing there with his back to us, and has a camera, and stuff hanging out of his pockets. [First reported by Beddwyn]
  • After Mal punches Saffron, CGI snowflakes fall behind his head -- indoors! [First reported by Ying]

From Jaynestown:

  • The control yoke for Inara's shuttle is white (at least the handles), but in "Serenity" the control yoke is completely black. [First reported by DarkJester]
  • The muddy handprint that the foreman leaves when he clasps Simon on the back disappears when they are standing in front of Jayne's statue (in the original script, there is an intervening scene where Kaylee actually wipes it off, but it was cut)
  • There is a well-defined crack on the statue's neck in part 1 [6:10] but not when we rejoin the gang
    in part 3 [7:59] after the main title sequence/commercial break or during the Jayne Day celebration in part 10 [34:14].  Adam Baldwin said that after they were done shooting the scene, the lights went down and all of the crew and mudders cheered him on as he cracked the head off the statue (and he took it home).  They later had to reattach it to do a reshoot. [First reported by Adam Baldwin!]
  • Simon leaves his coat in the tavern, and doesn't have it when he re-boards Serenity.  However, he does have it in later episodes. [First reported by Barbaraanne]
  • When Mal tries to sneak up on Jayne's ex-partner Stitch, his shotgun makes a gun cocking noise both when he points it at Mal and when he puts it back against his shoulder, even though he clearly does this one-handed and wasn't cocking his gun. The sound effect may be more dramatic, but it's not very realistic.  Also, during this whole scene if you look carefully you can see the trigger is depressed the entire time. [First reported by lividliquid]

From Out of Gas:

  • In the flashback scenes, Mal's coat sleeve is torn/mended, even though this is long before he was shot by Patience's man on Whitefall. [First reported by SPLibertarian]
  • During the first flashback, someone drags a cable on the floor of the cargo bay away while Mal is showing Zoe the ship for the first time (when he says, "maybe hire a cook") [First reported by TallGuy]
  • In the birthday cake scene, one of the candles is lit and then unlit and then lit. [First reported by Hjermsted]
  • Although costume designer Shawna Trpcic says that Zoe's cord necklace is symbolic of her marriage to Wash (in the commentary to Shindig), Zoe is wearing the same necklace in the flashback scenes even before she meets Wash. [First reported by Bebe]

From Ariel:

  • When Mal and Jayne are playing horseshoes, the camera first pans down to show two horseshoes by the post, then as the scene continues, Mal and Jayne each throw one more shoe.  But when we pan back down to the post we see six horseshoes.  [First reported by shinydude]
  • When the crew arrives at the hospital, you can see the rear 'feet' of the ambulance ship resting on casters. [First reported by Greg Yoshida]

From War Stories:

  • Just before Jayne, Book and Zoe notice the burn pattern, two cars pass in the background.  Shortly after Zoe says 'they weren't after the goods,' look for a long shot of all three of them walking through the desert. To the middle-left of the screen, there's a highway visible in the distance - one car going left, another going right. [First reported by KaliMeeri]
  • In one of the shots in the torture room, it appears that Mal's right ear is cut off instead of his left ear (actually, the image somehow was reversed, since his shirt buttons are on the opposite side too) [First reported by DDay82799]
  • When Jayne shoots the first guard in the hallway, when he is on the ground, you can see some wire or thin cable on the ground between him and the foot of the other guard who runs away, but you can't see the wire in the shot just one second earlier, as he is falling to the ground. [First reported by Shiny]
  • When Simon sees a guard coming around the corner and says, "Book, we uh..." the actor playing a dead guard lying the the floor of the hallway jerks his feet, apparently startled by the sound of a gun going off. [First reported by Tom]
  • When River shoots the three guards dead, the shot of the docking bay (when Kaylee looks out) is reversed.  The office with the window is on the left instead of the right. [First reported by Shiny]

From Trash:

  • In the teaser, Monty picks Mal up off of Yo-Saf-Bridge by his right wrist/forearm, but in the very next frame, he is heaving Mal up by his shirt.
  • When Saffron and Mal land the shuttle on the housing complex, you can see an SR-71 flying in the background [First reported by SGTGUMP]
  • The "electricity" Chinese character of the trash bin's "Danger Electricity" (wei1 dian4) is backwards. [First reported by Ying]
  • As Jayne is working with the electronics of the trash machine, one of the two monitors on the machine shows an install process for a Windows based system. [First reported by psyrex]
  • The door Mal and Saffron escape out of is different on the inside than it is on the outside (notice the color of the door, the handle of the door, and the tall electronic/computer panel that you can see from the inside when the guards are locked in but not from the outside when Mal and Saffron first exit). [First reported by Whoodahn]

From The Message:

  • The Chinese characters on Amnon's postal uniform logo says "fragile" (yi4sui4) [First reported by Ying]
  • At the beginning of the flashback when he is opening his can of beans, Tracy is actually muttering the lyrics to the song "Beans in my Ears". [First reported by Neward]
  • There is a little "Han Solo encased in carbonite" plastic figure in the engine room next to Kaylee's hammock as she listens to Tracy's recorded message. [First reported by Zampano]
  • A piece of straw that disappears and reappears on Jayne's hat, as Alan mentions in the commentary
  • When the ship is backing up into the ice cave the engines are pointed in the wrong direction for it to actually go backwards! [First reported by BinkyIsGreat]
  • In the scene where Tracy is waving a gun around, and Mal says, "you mailed your ugly business to Zoe and me" - out the window behind Mal, a hand reaches across and grabs hold of one of those chunks of ice/snow. [First reported by beddwyn]
  • The Big Red Button established in Out of Gas is missing in one scene (Alan mentions in the commentary that had stolen it from the set after he thought they were done shooting, but had to go back the next day to shoot pickups and left the button at home.  He later sent the button to Joss with a note that said "when your miracle gets here, pound this button and we'll all come back"...*sniff*)

From Heart of Gold:

  • The gun Wash uses to shoot at the bad guys in the cargo bay is a revolver, but the sound effects are for a semi-automatic gun.  Also, he never pulls the trigger, since the chamber never spins. [First reported by MadMax]
  • When Chari lets Rance in the back door, there is a HUGE TRUCK or TRAILER thing behind him (you have to slow down the playback to see a good look at it). [First reported by Jahzara]
  • When Rance Burgess comes for his baby, in one shot he is actually holding a plastic baby doll instead of a real baby. [First reported by Shiny]
  • During the shoot out at the whore house, when Rance pulls his hovercraft around to the back door, the
    large gun on top of the hovercraft is missing, yet in the scene when Mal is chasing him on the horse and
    catches up to the craft, it's back! [First reported by Mark Hoeper]

From Objects in Space:

  • Some people consider Jayne's "you mean she really reads minds?" after calling River a "mind-readin' genius" in The Message to be a mistake.
  • If you look carefully, you can see CGI cockroaches as the camera passes from the dining area down to River straddling the catwalk in the "Batgirl scene". [First reported by 87Ramcharger]
  • Although costume designer Shawna Trpcic says that Zoe's cord necklace is symbolic of her marriage to Wash and never takes it off (in the commentary to Shindig), Zoe is NOT wearing her cord necklace when we see her and Wash in their bunk.  [First reported by shinydude]


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