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Out of Gas


Out of Gas

Production Code: 1AGE07
Original Airdate: October 25, 2002

Written by: Tim Minear
Directed by: David Solomon


Captain - Steven Flynn Salesman - Lyle Kanouse -
Marco - Ilia Volok - Lackey #1 - Roderick L. McCarthy
Bester - Dax Griffin  

    Presently, a silent Serenity floats in space. Mal falls on his face in the cargo bay, bleeding from the gut. He flashes back to when he first was touring Serenity with Zoë, who is unenthusiastic about what she sees. In a different flashback, the whole crew is sitting around the dinner table, eating and laughing. They are discussing traveling far below the radar and they bring out a cake to celebrate Simon’s birthday. But as he is blowing out the candles there is a noise and flicker of lights so Kaylee looks curiously down the hallway. Then a fireball races towards her. Zoë pushes her out of the way of the fire as it blows everyone around the table out of their seats. The fireball is directed out into space through the cargo bay and everyone does their job to fix the situation. Simon tends to an unconscious Zoë in the infirmary as Kaylee checks the engine. Wash is reluctant to go to the cockpit, wanting to stay at Zoë’s side, but Mal gets in his face and orders him to go.
            Another flashback shows when Mal and Zoë were seeing perspective pilots including Wash. He obviously gets the job even though Zoë says that there is something about him that bothers her. Forward in time, in the infirmary, Zoë’s heart has stopped so Simon puts a needle of adrenaline into her chest. Then forward to Mal, bleeding on that silent Serenity, as he struggles to continue. He is in the infirmary, bandaging his wound and has to give himself a needle of adrenaline.
            Flashback to that troubled Serenity as Kaylee explains to Mal that the ship is dead because the catalyzer blew and it’s not something she can fix. There is no life support and only a few hours of oxygen left. Mal goes up to Wash in the cockpit and asks if he can send a beacon. But they were purposefully traveling far enough out that they would be unnoticed so their call will probably not reach anyone. As they shout at each other Mal makes a good suggestion that Wash tries.
            Forward again to Mal’s continuing struggle along through the ship. Flashback a few years to Mal entering the engine room, interrupting his then mechanic Bester, who was “entertaining a lady”. Mal is there to see why he hasn’t fixed the engine yet. As the girl, a young Kaylee, gets dressed Bester gives his excuses, but Kaylee has the answer and fixes it. She ends up getting Bester’s job.
            Closer to the present, Kaylee apologizes to Mal, saying she should have taken better care of Serenity. She explains that they need a new part, shows him where the part belongs and how it doesn’t fit anymore. In the present, Mal continues with the new part in hand, as an alarm sounds through out the ship. As Mal stands at the engine to put the part in, he drops it below.
            Slightly earlier, Mal is explaining to the assembled crew the situation. His plan is to have the crew split up evenly on the shuttles and see where they can get, not to mention that they will have more oxygen and Mal will stay on Serenity to await their return with help if he doesn’t get it on his own. The shuttles are prepared and Wash sets up a button for Mal to press that will call the shuttles back when he gets help. So the shuttles take off and Mal grabs a blanket and sits in the cockpit, falling asleep. He awakens to a message from a nearby captain who offers him the needed part. Mal is suspicious but agrees to let them board, since they have the part. The men who board Serenity take a look around.
            Flashback to when Mal and Zoë first met Jayne. He was holding them up with some other men he ran with at the time. Mal offers him more pay and his own bunk, so Jayne soon changes sides. Then in the more present, the men who boarded Serenity decide to shoot Mal but he gets right up, armed and get the men to leave Mal with the needed part. As soon as they are off, Mal falls on his face, as seen in the opening scene.
            Mal manages to get the part that he dropped below the engine up and fixes the engine, putting the part in place. He then begins to make his way back to the cockpit where the button is to call everyone back to the ship, but he falls just short of the button.
            Mal wakes up in the infirmary, Zoë lying on another table, recovering and awake. She was the one that made them come back to the ship to find Mal in time for Simon to fix him up.
            The final flashback is of Mal listening to a ship dealer trying to sell him one ship but Mal is looking up at Serenity and is set on her.

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Memorable Quotes:
Zoe "You paid money for this, sir? On purpose?"

 Simon  "I always thought the name Serenity
had a vaguely  funereal sound to it.
Jayne  "What do you two think you're doing? 
Fightin' at a time like this.
You'll use up all the air."


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