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Production Code: 1AGE08
Original Airdate: November 15,  2002

Written by: Jose Molina
Directed by: Allan Kroeker


Agent McGinnis - Blake Robbins Patient - Alex Connie
Blue Glove #1 - Jeff Ricketts Young Intern - Ira Steck
Blue Glove #2 - Dennis Cockrum Particularly Dressed Man - Michael Nagy 
Officious Doctor - Tom Virtue Crash Team Nurse -Cate Cohen 
Receiving Doctor - Roma Chugani  


              Simon comes up with a job that will earn the crew some money and give him a chance to help his sister. The plan is to get into an Alliance medical facility so that Mal can steal some of their drugs that are worth a great deal of money while Simon runs tests on River to try to better understand what was done to her. After elaborate preparations, such as fixing up another shuttle, costume making and such, everyone gets; Mal and Zoë collect drugs and Simon performs his tests on River as Jayne looks on. Unbeknown to everyone, Jayne has set up to turn the Tam’s in and collect the reward but his plan backfires with the alliance men decide to take Jayne as well. Mal and Zoë come to the rescue and they all make it back to Serenity. But Mal figured out what happened and traps Jayne in the airlock, confronting him on what he pulled, but Mal lets him go on the matter.

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Memorable Quotes:

Wash: "So, two days in a hospital? That's awful. Don't you just hate doctors?"
Wash :
"I mean, present company excluded. "
Jayne: - "Let's not be excluding people. That'd be rude."



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