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The elusive Ben Edlund can be spotted in this rare photo jabbing his finger at Tim Minear for unknown reasons...

Although he's probably most famous for creating the fantastic Tick comic books, Ben Edlund has written for both Firefly and Angel and most recently works as co-executive producer on Supernatural.

He earned notoriety among Firefly fans when he wrote the infamous song "Hero of Canton" which appeared in "Jaynestown." 

"This was one of the first times we began to realize what a force we had with Ben Edlund, who pitched the idea [of the episode]...," Joss Whedon told CFQ in an interview.  "Ben is one of those guys who comes up with ideas – and he’s doing it on Angel, too – where you just go, 'Uh, yes. Okay, I’ll just be here, go ahead.'  By the way, he wrote a hilarious script and a really nice song."

Other entertainment connections: Edlund helped write Titan A.E. (along with Joss Whedon).  His Tick comic was turned into a popular animated series, and later a live action series which was cancelled by Fox after only a few episodes.  (Starting to sound familiar?)


"He came in, pitched a bunch of ideas that weren’t actually right for the show, but I knew immediately that we should hire this guy.  He was really funny and really smart and I just thought, 'Okay, this guy’s perfect for Firefly.'  And it turns out I was right."

--Tim Minear on Edlund, interview for CFQ

 Firefly episodes written by Ben Edlund:

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