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Jane Espenson

Jane Espenson had a long history in television writing before joining the Mutant Enemy team, and continues to be very prolific.

Among others, she has written for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, EllenThe O.C., Gilmore Girls, True Calling, The Inside, and Battlestar Gallactica.  But most prominant was her time spent writing many popular scripts for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

"I had been through so many more cancelled shows.  I was [a writer] for five cancelled sitcoms before I was on Buffy, so I was ready for [Firefly's cancellation]," she told TV Zone in an interview.

She also wrote many Buffy-verse comic books for Dark Horse.

Although her speciality is comedy, she has been known to script great dramatic moments as well.  Her skill at both can be seen in the one Firefly episode she wrote: "Shindig."


"The sort of shows that shine briefly, you know, the shows that have a very short run, but that everybody kind of goes, 'Oh, that was something special'--  That was Firefly."

--Jane Espenson, Firefly: The Complete Series DVD Special Features


Jane Espenson also edited the essay collections Finding Serenity (which contains a chapter she wrote) and Serenity Found.  She blogs and offers advice to budding writers on her website www.janeespenson.com.

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