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Brett MatthewsBefore writing for Firefly, Brett Matthews wrote many comic books, including for Angel and other Whedon-world comics.  As he told Dark Horse, "It's a hell of a fun thing to work with and learn from someone as talented as Joss. To repeat the one thing everyone says about him: The guy's a genius." 

Matthews teamed up with Joss Whedon once again to write three comic books (Those Left Behind) serving as a bridge between Firefly and the movie Serenity.  He is also working with Whedon on a"Heart of Gold" new series - Better Days - to be released in 2008.

"Like any writer, I have countless stories to tell and hope to continue doing so indefinitely. I've swung across so many rooftops and leapt blindly off so many buildings in my mind that to bring it all to life is a real thrill -- I'll keep writing comics until someone takes the keys away."

--Brett Matthews, interview with Dark Horse

 Firefly episode written by Brett Matthews:

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