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Jose Molina worked as a writer on the cancelled Fox series Dark Angel before coming to Firefly.  He also had previous experience on Joss Whedon shows, having worked as an assistant on both Buffy and Angel.  Tim Minear has this to say: "He worked on Dark Angel, we brought him over to Firefly and he just kicked ass on "Ariel." (Interview for CFQ.)


On the official Fox messageboard, Molina describes how Shakespeare helped him come up with the idea for the name of the title city in the episode "Ariel": "I remembered Miranda's line 'brave new world that has such people in't' and since the crew was traveling to a brave new world I decided I wanted to use a name from The Tempest."

"So I spent four crazy days writing constantly, cursing in Chinese, sleeping very little and having dreams about playing bocci ball with Adam Baldwin. I love Adam dearly, but in my dreams he cheats. When I emerged from my cocoon on Monday, I had a script... and an epiphany. Despite all my anxiety, I actually had tons of fun writing the script. I loved writing these characters, I loved living in this world, I loved everything. "

--Jose Molina on writing "Ariel", official Fox Firefly site (now defunct)

 Firefly episodes written by Jose Molina:

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Many, many thanks to Ying for helping me find info on Jose!

I still need a picture of him if anyone knows where I can find one.

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