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Kaylee Frye


Kaylee Frye - Mechanic

Kaylee Frye - Mechanic

Full Name: Kaywinnit Lee Frye

Personality: Shiny, Bubbly, and Optimistic

Kaywinnit Lee Frye is about as nice as they come, especially on Serenity. Kaylee is the ship's mechanic, and has been for quite a long time. The previous mechanic, Bester, was bested by Kaylee in terms of the ship's engine. Bester had been around Firefly's before, and Kaylee hadn't; yet Kaylee was able to fix the engine very quickly and professionaly. This caused Bester to lose his job as a mechanic and Kaylee to gain it.

Kaylee: Figures - first time in the Core, and what do I get to do? Dig through trash. Why couldn't he send me shopping at the Tri-plex, or... Ooh! Synchronizers!

KayleeKaylee has a deep love for Serenity. She's been around it long enough, and she knows how to make the ship work well. As the Captain says in Serenity:

Mal: Love. You can know all the math in the 'Verse, but take a boat in the air you don't love, she ain't keepin' up just as sure as the turning of worlds. Love keeps her up when she ought to fall down, tells ya she's hurtin' 'fore she keens, makes her home.

Nobody knows that as well as Kaylee. She's loved Serenity since she first saw it. She has a natural gift with mechanics, as her dad told her; and Serenity talks to her in a way, informing her of when she's hurtin'.

Kaylee: Don't you just love this party? Everything's so fancy, and there's some kind of hot cheese over there.

Kaylee is rarely seen without a smile. She's obviously the youngest crew member on board, but that does not limit her abilities. Her personality annoys a few crew members, mostly Jayne.

Kaylee: I like meeting new people! They all have stories!
Jayne: Captain, can you stop her from bein' cheerful, please?
Mal: I don't think there's a power in the 'verse that can stop Kaylee from being cheerful. Sometimes you just wanna duct tape her mouth and dump her in the hold for a month.
Kaylee: *kisses* I love my captain.

Kaylee tries to hide her feelings towards Simon, but never is capable of doing so. Inara knows exactly what she feels as soon as she feels it. Throughout the show the two have moments where they might kiss or go beyond that, but there's either an interuption or a stupid line on Simon's part.

Kaylee: Oh, don't worry honey, he makes everybody cry. He's like a monster.
Mal: I am not a monster!

KayleeAccording to the Firefly Timeline, located at http://www.mts.net/~arphaxad/firefly.html, Kaylee is born in 2497. This number, however, is not official and is based off of actress Jewel Staite's age. Kaylee is also the culprit of the floral wall pattern in the Dining Room.

Kaylee: How was your checkup?
Inara: The same as last year. What's going on here?
Kaylee: Well, let's see. We killed Simon and River, stole a bunch of medicine, and now the Captain and Zoë are off springin' the others who got ed by the feds! Oh, here they are now!

Kaylee's full name, as mentioned earlier, is Kaywinnit Lee Frye. This is mentioned in Shindig. Kaylee is a tomboy and can make the periodical illegal behaivor of the crew sound adorable and fuzzy. Kaylee's definentally not known for her ability with a , as fighting tends to make her nervous and scared.

Simon: So, what are we doing?
Kaylee: Oh, crime.
Simon: Crime? Good! Okay! Crime.
Kaylee: It's a train heist. See we fly over the train car, the Captain and Zoë sneak in, we lower Jayne onto the car, and they bungle up the booty, and then we haul them all back up. Easy as lyin'!
Simon: So you have done this before?
Kaylee: *laughs* Oh, hell no! *serious* But I think it's gonna work.



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