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Inara Serra


What is a respectable and honest business woman like a registered companion doing wandering about the galaxy with a band of brigands on a veritable wreck of a space craft, you say? 
Such questions have many Alliance officials scratching their many chins, and also wondering when Ms. Serra will be traveling to a space port near them. 


This much sought after and duel inspiring intergalactic courtesan has a great deal of mystery surrounding her. 

  • Why did she leave her home world of Sihnon, a lush paradise by all counts, where she was popularly considered to be next in line for High Priestess of the Guild of Companions? 
  • Will she ever be able to reveal her true feelings to Captain Malcolm Reynolds of the Firefly vessel Serenity
  • Why get all gussied up everyday when one only saunters about the ship looking stunning without a prospective client in sight? 

These and many more questions may be answered or added to the list with the much anticipated sequels to the Serenity movie, and Firefly comic books now available at a Galactic Spaceport near you!!


Further fictional courtesan readings and movies:

The Kushiel trilogy by Jacqueline Carey:  An amazing trilogy of books about the life of courtesan/spy Phaedra ne Delaunay in a fantasy Renaissance meets Greek mythos world.  Think Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty books written by Tolkein.

Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur golden: A novel describing Japanese culture through the life of a geisha.  Morena Baccarin mentions having read this novel in preparation for the role of Inara in the Official Serenity movie magazine.  Also the basis of the movie starring Ziyi Zhang.

Geisha: A Life by Mineko Iwasaki: An autobiography of a real life geisha.

Dangerous Beauty: One of my all time favorite movies starring Catherine McCormack(Braveheart) and Rufus Sewell (Dark City), directed by Marshall Herskowitz.  Set in Venice at the peak of courtesan culture, this lush tale describes the life of one young woman's coming of age and successful career as Venice's reigning Venus.  Based on the life of Veronica di Franco, the poetess.

Original Sin (ok not a courtesan movie technically, but Angelina Jolie! Come on!)

Coming soon!

So you want to know everything about courtesans?  A History of the profession...

Things Inara might have studied while at the Guild Academy at Sihnon!  (Check out the deleted scenes on the Serenity movie DVD for some insights into the Companion training house.)

Fun trivia about being a courtesan on a space ship!  E.g. Did you know they re-shot the sponge bath scene three times!?!? 

Want to buff up on your Firefly Chinese? Check out this website! http://fireflychinese.home.att.net/index.html

Memorable lines: click on the "Inara Quotes" link below...


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