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There's so much you can say about the character of the ship...

More than I've got time to say all in one sitting, so let's just get the particulars out of the way with a few useful images and facts.

Serenity is a Midbulk Transport, standard radion-accelerator core. Class code 03-K64 -- Firefly. A Firefly Transport. She is one of the 'Aught-Three Series' (presumably, given her slightly worn appearance, that '03' refers either to the year when the model was first presented or the third revision of the basic design). There have been other models of Firefly prior to the '03 -- for instance, the Firefly Model One. It is durable and apparently has lots of locations where illegal material may be hidden. A fact that make it an ideal ship for Mal and his crew of sometimes smugglers.

Serenity has, in many ways, been made into a home for the crew and passengers (though most of that work has been done by Kaylee, as shown by the entrance to her bunk . Still, much of the ship is fairly utilitarian, composed of wire grating over most of the floor and exposed ductwork.

From FireflyWiki.org:

Serenity was forced to undergo some modifications more recently as seen in the Serenity movie, a torn up hull, a damaged containment core, a red paint job and some rather disturbing hood ornaments meant that she could pass safely through the heart of Reaver space on her journey to the planet Miranda.

After crashlanding on Mr Universe's home planet towards the end of the movie Serenity had to undergo some pretty serious reconstruction work, not only to replace her destroyed engines, but also to remove the last traces of her Reaver makeover.

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