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  • 20,000 Baby Names   From Around the World! Need to name a character in a fic?  Search by nationality and sex, and it gives the meaning of each name. 
  • Babynames   Naming the World One Baby at a Time!  Search for names by meaning, popularity, Tolkein names, Celebrity names, Shakespearean names . . .   
  • Cascade Hospital     Medical Disclaimer: This site's sole purpose is to provide medical bits of knowledge in everyday language in order to aid fanfic writers who wish to make their stories more medically authentic. This site is not intended in any way to give medical or healthcare advice to anyone. If you are in need of medical assistance, get thee to your local friendly physician or hospital or ER or dial 911 (do not email me!). Although the information on this site is accurate to the best of my knowledge, no guarantees are being made, express or implied. 




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