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You can find more of Kerry's work at this address:

You can find more of Kerry's work at this address:http://www.luxlucre.com/firefly



4 out of 5 Firefly fans agree,best to obey this little guys command!

Firefly Park

The Crew of Firefly Park


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    Mal Reynolds                   Zoe                         Wash                      Kaylee


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       Jayne Cobb                    Inara Serra                Sheppard Book               Simon Tam


Simon Tam     Don't Make me Hurt You with My Mind ! - Click to Enlarge  

  River Tam "happy"      River Tam (early on)


The Bad Guys        


 That only Matters to the people in the Rim Captain Reynolds!!!! - Click to Enlarge    Why Sir I am Betrothed to you,Captain Reynolds! - Click to Enlarge

Badger                        Saffron

The Really Really Bad Guys



And now Captain Reynolds we find the REAL YOU! - Click to Enlarge         Did you talk to the Prisoners?*extends hand with inocent looking tube* Click to Enlarge

   Niska                              Blue Hands

The Good Good Guys from ME


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                    Firefly Kelly                     Joss                          

Firefly Park Cartoon




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Niska's Book of the Month Club




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Browncoats             Las Vegas Shindig 2003

Computer Graphic's


            Celestial Greetings           T-Shirt Design Sihnon Companion Academy 



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