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    Filk.  Maybe you love it.  Quite possibly, you can’t stand it. 

    Firefilk is an international brand of music written by fans of Joss Whedon's Firefly and Serenity 'verse. Some of it is funny, some serious, some completely original, and some covers already established music from the series. All of it showing a love of the universe that brought Browncoats from around the world together into one great community. Whether you're a Browncoat or just a fan of Filk, you will love this music. It is evident in the music that there is a true love of the source material by the talent behind it. If you don't know what Filk is, a basic definition is taking a known tune and putting new words to it. Sort of like songfiction, if you will.

    Get some mudder's milk and pick up your mouth organ, ‘cause nothin’ says “Firefly” like Filk.  Sure, it’s corny and, if it’s done right, a mite poorly sung.  But it’s tough out on the Rim, and folks here don’t like their music all prissy and dandified like most in the Core.  But you can set in the corner if you like—the rest of us’ll have a little fun.

   'Til your next sing-a-long, help us update this page.  Wrote some filk you want us to publish?  Know a song someone should write a tune to?  Got a bone to pick? Let us know: email the Filk Editor (lion_of_judah6@yahoo.com). I'll be constantly looking for new filk to put up here. If you see a broken link, please let me know.

Good places/songs for Filk:

I'm Gonna See Serenity

Bedlam Bards

Firefly Songs (Includes such things as "Serenity Things" to the tune of "My Favorite Things" from Sound of Music)

 FireflyFans.net Blue Sun Room Filk (has lots of poetry as well--best song is A Man Named Jayne sung to the tune of Ghost Riders in the Sky)

Can't Take the Sky (The Browncoat's Radio)

Firefly-Serenity Funsite (collection of amazingly singable filk. the best one is "We're Still Flyin'" to the tune of "Eye of the Tiger")

Freya's Firefly Filk (More like poetry, but very impressive)

Ballad of Serenity (original theme song, sung awesome)

Ballad of Jayne (Bedlam Bards)

Leaf on the Wind (awesome song 'bout Wash)

The Battle of Serenity Valley (Tune of Battle Hymn of the Republic)

Aimin' to Misbehave (Captain Mal)--thanks to Larry S. for submitting this!

I'm on Firefly by Tom Smith to the music "Because I Got High" --thanks to Kat McClure for submitting this! Great find!

 Hot Picks

Blood Red Moon
by Robert Jones
A flash of light across a blood red moon,
You pray that your life will be ending soon.
Your skin crawls like it knows we're near,
We long for flesh and we thirst for fear.
No one knows why we're made this way,
You crossed our path and we'll make you pay.
We rend your flesh and wear your skin,
When we're done you'll never have been.
Lead us on to your non-believers,
Soon they'll learn why they call us Reavers.
Lead us on to your non-believers,
Soon they'll learn why they call us Reavers.
If your screaming soul can find it's way,
To a peaceful place maybe there you'll stay.
But your bones will bake in an endless noon,
As they spin through space 'round a blood red moon.
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