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International Clothing and Sewing Patterns


Chinese Clothing and Sewing Patterns

Folkwear: http://www.folkwear.com/asian.html has several Chinese patterns. Another vendor of Folkwear patterns is http://www.patternsoftime.com/products.asp?cat=22.

A fan suggests http://www.chinese-fashion.com/ as a source for both Chinese fabric and completed outfits.

Middle Eastern Clothing and Sewing Patterns
Some bellydancing outfits and accessories would work for Inara.
http://www.unicorn-bds.com/ sells clothing and accessories
http://www.simplicity.com/  - Simplicity pattern 5359 is a belly dancing costume
http://www.patternsoftime.com/products.asp?cat=23 offers several patterns

Saris/Indian Clothing and Sewing Patterns

Saris were used for both Inara's outfits and Kaylee's big floofy 'Shindig' dress. Dspin says, "The best/most helpful/most reliable sari site I have ever found is actually www.sarisafari.com. Melinda's saris are beautiful, almost all natural fiber and many of them are hand woven. She is also domestic, so the shipping is fast."

Another source is http://www.onlinesarees.com/.

Folkwear has a pattern called "Jewels of India": http://www.folkwear.com/asian.html  


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