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Inara: Sihnon isn’t that different from this planet (Persephone): more crowded obviously & I guess more complicated.  The great city itself.. pictures can’t capture it. It’s like an ocean of light.

Client: Is that where you studied to be a companion?

Inara: I was born there.

Client: I can’t imagine ever leaving.

Inara: Well, I wanted to see the universe.




Inara: “Ambassador” is Mal’s way of saying..

Malcolm Reynolds: She’s a whore, Shepherd.

Kaylee Frye: The term is “companion.”

Mal:  I always get those mixed up.  How’s business?

Inara:  None of yours.

Mal:  She is pretty much our ambassador.  There’s plenty of planets wouldn’t let ya dock without a decent companion on board.

Inara to Shepherd Book:  I mostly keep to myself when I’m not “whoring.”




Kaylee:  So how many fell madly in love with you and wanted to take you away from all this?

Inara:  Just the one.  I think I’m slipping.




Inara to Shepherd Book:  So would you like to lecture me on the wickedness of my ways?    Why are you so fascinated with him?

Book:  Because he’s something of a mystery.  Why are you?

Inara:  Because so few men are.




Inara:  If you throw them out, I’m leaving too.

Mal:  Might be best you do.  You aren’t a part of this business.




Inara to Simon Tam:  You’re lost in the woods; we all are.  Even the Captain.  The only difference is he likes it that way.

Mal:  No, the only difference is the woods is the only place I can see a clear path. What’s your business here?

Inara:  It’s my business, the usual.  I gave the boy a free thrust since he’s not long for this world.  What are you doing in my shuttle?

Mal:  It’s my shuttle.  It’s my shuttle; you rent it.

Inara:  Then when I’m behind on the rent, you can enter unasked.




Train Job

 Inara to Kaylee:  We could experiment.  We might even get wild later and wash your face.

Inara to Kaylee Frye:  A companion chooses her own clients; that’s Guild Law.  But physical appearance doesn’t matter so terribly.  You look for compatibility of spirit.  There’s an energy about a person that’s difficult to hide. 


Inara:  What did I say to you about barging into my shuttle?

Mal:  That is was manly and impulsive?

Inara:  Yes, precisely, only the exact phrase I used was “don’t.”

Mal:  Servicing crew now?

Inara:  In your lonely pathetic dreams.


Inara:  Is the petty criminal per chance to be ashamed to be riding with a companion?

Mal:  … I’m not sure you’d be safe.

Inara:  Mal, if you’re being a gentleman, I may die of shock.

Mal:  Have you got time to do my hair?

Inara:  Out!






Inara to Simon Tam:  We’re all running from something, I suppose.


Inara to Mal:  Just when I think I’ve got you figured out…


Alliance Officer:  It’s a curiosity, a woman of stature such as yourself falling in with these types…

Inara:  Not in the least.  It’s a mutually beneficial business arrangement.  I rent the shuttle from Captain Reynolds, which allows me to expand my client base.  The Captain finds that having a companion on board opens certain doors that might otherwise be closed to him.

Alliance Officer: And do you love him?  <Ironically, a question for Zoë>




Inara on planet Santo:  Love your place, I’ll tell my friends.



Inara:  I suppose.  He has engaged me for several days.

Mal:  Days?  The boy must have stamina.

Inara: He does.



Mal:  Tell me, do all the men there pay for their dates or just young rich men with stamina?

Inara:  Most of the women there will not be companions, if that’s what you’re asking.  Perhaps the other men couldn’t attract one.

Mal:  It sounds like the finest party I could imagine getting paid to go to.

Inara:  I don’t suppose you’d find it up to the standards of your outings.  More conversation and somewhat less petty theft and getting hit with pool cues.



Atherton Wing:  Half the men in this room wish you were on their arm tonight.

Inara:  Only half?  I must be losing my indefinable allure.

Atherton:  Oh, it’s not that indefinable.  All of them wish they were in your bed.  Oh, she blushes.  Not many in your line of work do that...  You are a very singular woman, and I find I admire you more and more….  You belong here, Inara, not on that flying piece of gos se.  You see that, don’t you?

Inara: Atherton, language.

Ballroom Announcer:  Miss Kaywinnit Lee Frye and escort.

Inara: Oh gos se.




Inara:  Why are you here?

Mal:  Business, same as you.  I was talking to a contact about a smuggling job, and you came over to me.

Inara: You were staring at me.

Mal:  I saw you is all.  You stand out.

Inara:  In this company, Captain, I believe you’re the one who stands out.

Mal:  Maybe I just wanna see a professional at work.  Is this the hard part, would you say, or does that come later?

Inara:  You have no call trying to make me ashamed of my job.  What I do is legal, and how’s that smuggling coming?

Mal:  My work’s illegal but at least it’s honest.

Inara: What?

Mal:  All this?  The lie of it.  That man parading you around on his arm as if he actually won you.  As if he loves you, and everyone here going along with it.

Inara:  These people like me and I like them.  I like Atherton too, by the way…  and he likes me whether you see it or not…  He’s made me an offer.  You think he doesn’t honor me but he wants me to live here.  I’d be his personal companion.  I could belong here.  Call me pretentious but there is some appeal in that.




Inara:  Atherton’s a heavy sleeper night before a big day.  You know he’s got that killing in the morning then a haircut later.

Mal:  How come you’re still attached to him?

Inara:  Because it’s my decision, not yours.




Mal:  I’m not running off!  I don’t know what you got in your head, but I didn’t do this to prove some kind of point.  I actually thought I was defending you honor, and I never back down from a fight.

Inara:  Yes, you do!  You do all the time.

Mal: Well, yeah, but I’m not backing down from this one. 

Inara:  He’s an expert swordsman, Mal.  You had trouble with the pillar.  How will your death help my honor?




Inara:  It takes less than a pound of pressure to cut skin.

Mal:  You know that?  They teach you that in whore academy?

Inara:  You have a strange sense of nobility, Captain.  You’ll lay a man out for implying I’m a whore, but you keep calling me one to my face.

Mal:  I may not show respect for your job, but he didn’t respect you.  That’s the difference.  Inara, he doesn’t even see you.

Inara:  Well, I guess death will solve the issue to everyone’s satisfaction.

Mal:  You think following the rules will buy you a nice life, even if the rules make you a slave.




Atherton Wing:  You set this up, whore, after I bought and paid for you.  I should have uglied you up so no one else would want you.  Well, get ready to starve.  I’ll see to it you never work again.

Inara:  Actually that’s not how it works.  You see, you’ve earned yourself a black mark in the client registry.  No companion is going to contract with you ever again.




Mal:  Don’t care that much for fancy parties.  Too rough.

Inara:  You also lined up exciting new crime…  I am grateful, you know, for the ill conceived and highhanded attempt to defend my honor, although I didn’t want you to.

Mal:  Gracious as that is, as I look back, probably shoulda stayed out of your world.

Inara:  My world?  If it is that.  I wasn’t gonna stay, you know.

Mal:  Why’s that?

Inara:  Someone needs to keep Kaylee out of trouble.  And all my things are here.  Besides, why would I want to leave Serenity?

Mal:  Can’t think of a reason.






Inara:  Does it seem every supply store on every border planet has the same five rag dolls and the same woodcarvings of, what is this?  A duck?

Kaylee:  It's a swan.  I like it,

Inara:  You do?

Kaylee:  It looks like it was made with, ya know, longing.  Made by a person really longed to see a swan.

Inara:  Perhaps because they'd only heard of them by rough description.


Inara:  You know where you can find what you need.

Mal:  I don't recall inviting you onto the bridge.

Inara:  You didn't.  Mal, you know where you can find a doctor.  You know exactly..

Mal:  Inara, he was dumb enough to get himself grabbed in broad daylight.  Don't have time to be beatin' the trees lookin' for him now.  No assurance that we'd find him or that he wouldn't need a doctor himself.

Inara:  I'm not talking about Simon.  I'm talking about medical facilities.

Mal:  That's not an option.  Nor is it a discussion I much wanna have at the moment.

Inara:  It doesn't matter what you want.  He's dying.  And we need a doctor now.






Our Mrs. Reynolds

Mal:  In the morning, we'll head for Beaumonde.  Give you a chance to find some work of your own.

Inara:  I appreciate it.  This place is lovely, but...

Mal:  Not your clientele?  <Inara laughs>  I understand, you gotta play at being a lady.

Inara:  Well. yes.  So, explain to me again why Zoë wasn't in the dress?

Mal:  Tactics, woman!  Needed her in the back.  Besides those soft cotton dresses feel kinda nice.  It's the whole airflow.

Inara:  And you'd know that because?

Mal:  You can't open the book of my life and jump in the middle.  Like woman, I'm a mystery.

Inara:  Oh, let's keep it that way.  I withdraw the question.



Mal:  This isn't happening.  Would you stop crying!

Inara:  For God's sake, Mal!  Could you be a human being for thirty seconds?



Mal:  The way I see it, me and her got one thing in common.  We're the only ones don't think this is funny.

<Cut to close up of Inara's face trying to maintain composure>


Inara to computer terminal:  Beaumonde.  City of New Dunsmuir.  Arrival October 24th.  Departure...

Mal:  Can I come in?

Inara:  No.

Mal:  See, that's why I usually don't ask.

Inara:  What do you want?

Mal:  Oh, just needed to... hide.

Inara:  So I take it the honeymoon is over?

Mal:  Oh, she's a fine girl.  Don't misread me.  Hell of a cook too.

Inara:  I'm sure she has many exciting talents... 

Mal:  Do you ever...  wash your clients your clients' feet?

Inara:  It's my specialty...  We'll be on Beaumonde at least two weeks right?

Mal:  Can't exactly be sure.

Inara:  Well, I need you to be exactly sure, Mal.  I can't make commitments and then not keep them.  That's your specialty.

Mal:  I'm sorry, are you tetchy because I got myself a bride or because I don't plan to keep her?

Inara:  I find the whole thing degrading. 

Mal:  That's just what Saffron said about your line of work.

Inara:  Maybe you should think twice about letting go of Saffron.  You two sound like quite a match.

Mal:  Maybe you're right.  Maybe we're soul mates.

Inara:  Yes, great.  I wish you hundreds of fat children.

Mal:  Could you imagine that?  Me with a whole passel of critters underfoot?  Hell, ten years time I could...

Inara:  Could you leave me alone for five minutes, please?

Mal:  I wasn't looking for a fight.

Inara: Are you lost?

Saffron: I’m sorry. I thought the other shuttle was yours.

Inara: It is. I was on the cortex, and my screen shorted. This one’s out too.

Saffron: Looking for customers?

Inara: What were you looking for?

Saffron: I don’t mean to be rude. A companion’s life is so glamorous and strange. I wish I had the skill for such a trade.

Inara: Like to please your new husband?

Saffron: Oh, he’ll have none of me. For true, I’m somewhat relieved. If I’m to learn of love, I’d like it to be at the hands of someone gentle. Someone who could feel what I feel.

Inara: But Mal said you, you don’t approve of my work.

Saffron: Sure, and he said that to keep you from me. I was too curious about you, ever since I saw you.
Inara: Come to my shuttle.

Saffron: You would, you would lie with me?

<Buzzer, buzzer>

Inara: I guess we’ve lied enough.

Saffron: You’re good.

Inara: You’re amazing, who are you?

Saffron: Malcolm Reynolds’ widow.
Inara: Mal Mal Mal Mal Mal Mal Mal Mal! Ren ci de Fo zu (Merciful Buddha) Get the doctor. Mal’s hurt. He… Oh, you stupid son of a…

Inara: And then I fell… my head got hurt like Wash. I only fell is all. <very groggy> Oh I’m fine. I don’t need to be examined... I’m comfy.

Mal: I was poisoned.

Inara: You were drugged.

Mal: What about steering?

Inara: What about stopping?

Kaylee: This girl really knows her ships.

Inara: That’s not all she knows. She’s well schooled.

Simon: What do you mean, the sedative? The goodnight kiss.

Inara: I only hit my head, but Mal went through that. But no I mean seduction, body language, signals. She’s had training, as in companion, as in academy… She tried to seduce me too.

Mal: Really? Did she? Did you?

Inara: You don’t play a player. It was sloppy of her to try it, but I think she was in a rush.

Mal: Back on course. Be on Beaumonde a day or two late. Hope it’s all right.

Inara: Should be fine. Thank you. And does the vixen live?

Mal: Well, if you can call it that. All’s well, I suppose.

Inara: Yes.

Mal: You’re a very graceful woman, Inara.

Inara: I… thank you.

Mal: So here’s where I’m fuzzy. You got by that girl, came and found me. And somehow you happened to trip and fall… Come on Inara, how’s about we don’t play. You didn’t just trip, did you?

Inara: No.

Mal: Oh, isn’t that something. I knew you let her kiss you.

Inara: Don't let Mal get you into too much trouble while I'm gone.

Kaylee: Bye now.  Have good sex.



Inara:  Mr. Higgins, this shuttle is a place of union.  I'm sure you can appreciate...

Magistrate Higgins:  What is this?  I brought you here to bed my son, not throw him a tea party!

Inara:  Sir, the Companion Greeting ceremony is a ritual with centuries of tradition.

M. Higgins:  My son is 26 years old, and not yet a man.  26!  And since he can't find a willing woman himself...

Inara:  Mr.  Higgins you're not allowed here.

M. Higgins:  What?

Inara:  As I said, this room is a consecrated place of union.  Only your son belongs here.  Now, why don't you go on and let us begin our work...  Goodnight, Mr. Higgins.  Well, that's a bit more peaceful.



Fess Higgins:  This whole thing, it....  it is embarrassing.  My father's right again, I guess.  He'd have to bring you here...

Inara:  Your father isn't right, Fess.  It's not embarrassing to be a virgin.  It's simply one state of being.  As far as bringing me here, companions choose the people they are to be with very carefully.  For example, if your father had asked me to come here for him, I wouldn't have.

F. Higgins:  Really?

Inara:  Really, Fess.  You're different from him.  The more you accept that, the stronger you'll become.



Inara:  You're very quiet.

F. Higgins:  I'm sorry, I just... I just thought I'd feel.. different... after.  Aren't I supposed to be a man now?

Inara:  A man is just a boy who's old enough to ask that question.  Our time together, it's a ritual.  A symbol.  It means something to your father.  I hope it was not entirely forgetable for you.

F. Higgins:  No, it was...

Inara:  But it doesn't make you a man.  You do that yourself.



Inara:  A criminal hearing?

F. Higgins:  Yeah, my father's ordered me to attend.  You see there's this man...  it happened when I was growing up here.  He stole a ton of money from my Dad and gave it to the poor, my father's workers.  He's become kind of a folk hero in Canton...  Well, he's back.  Apparently, he landed here yesterday.

Inara: Yesterday, oh no.  I... I know this man.  He's... he just has this idiotic sense of nobility, you know.  He can never just let things go.  He thinks he's this hard hearted criminal and he can be unrelenting, but there's a side to him that's just so...

F. Higgins:  You mean you actually know Jayne Cobb?

Inara:  Jayne?  Jayne Cobb?!?  You're talking about Jayne Cobb?

F. Higgins:  Yes, Jayne Cobb, the hero of Canton.  The only person I ever saw that stood up to my father.  My father had him traced back to his ship.  He had port control put a land lock on it.  Jayne'll get back and find out that he's grounded.  I sort of hate the idea of his getting caught.

Inara:  Yes that would be bad.



Out of Gas

Jayne: Inera, she's gotta have some funny whoring stories, I wager.
Inara:  Ha ha, do I ever.  Funny and sexy.  You have no idea, and you never will.  I don't discuss my clients.
Jayne: Aw, come on Inera!  Who'd know?
Inara:  You.  A companion doesn't kiss and tell.
Mal:  So there is kissing.
Simon:  I always thought that Serenity had a vaguely funereal sound to it.
Inara:  I love this ship.  I have from the first moment I saw it.
Simon:  I just don't want to die on it.
Inara:  I don't want to die at all.
Simon:  Suffocation is not exactly the most dignified way to go.  The human body will...
Inara:  Please, I don't really require a clinical description right now.
Simon:  I'm sorry.  I just... it was my birthday.
Inara:  Mal, this isn't the ancient sea.  You don't have to go down with your ship! 
Mal:  She ain't going down; she ain't going anywhere.  Jayne'll be worth something if you run into trouble, but don't trust him, and don't let him take over.  You're paid through the end of the month; it's still your ship.  And as far as your security depsoit goes, that I might have to owe ya.
Mal:  Well, here she is.  Nice isn't she?
Inara:  Smallish.
Mal:  Not overly.  How much room do ya need for what you do anyway?  Got a surveyor and his wife interested in renting it.  They're just waiting to hear back.
Inara:  What's her range?
Mal:  Standard short.  She'll break atmo from a wide orbit.... get ya where you need to go, bring ya back home again.  She's space worthy, just like the rest of Serenity is.
Inara:  No need to sound so defensive, Captain.  I prefer something with a few miles on it.  Were we to enter into this arrangement, Capt. Reynolds, they're a few things I would require from you.  The foremost being complete autonomy:  this shuttle would be my home.  No crew member, including yourself, would be allowed entrance without my express invitation.
Mal:  You'll get your privacy.
Inara:  And just so we're clear, under no circumstances will I be servicing you or anyone who is under your employ. 
Mal:  I'll post a sign.
Inara:  That won't be necessary.  The other thing I would insist upon is some measure of assurance that when I make an appointment with a client, I'm in a position to keep that appointment, so far as such assurances are possible on a vessel of this type.
Mal:  That's an awful lot of caveats and addendums there, Miss.
Inara:  As I stated, I just want to be clear.
Mal:  Well, I'll be sure to take all that into consideration while I review the applications.
Inara:  Don't be ridiculous.  You're going to rent this shuttle to me.
Mal:  Am I?
Inara:  Yes, and for a quarter less that your asking price.
Mal:  That a fact?
Inara:  It is.
Mal:  And you figure you'll be getting this discount, why exactly?
Inara:  You want me.  You want me on your ship.
Mal:  Do I?
Inara:  Yes, because I can bring something that your surveyor or any of the other fish you might have on line can't.  A certain respectability.
Mal:  Respectability?
Inara:  And based on what little I've seen of your "operation," I suspect that's something you could use.
Mal:  Fine.  Let me ask you this:  if you're so respectable, why are you even here?  I mean, I've heard tell of fancy ladies such as yourself shipping out with big luxury liners, and the like.  But a registered companion on a boat like this?  What are you running from?
Inara:  I'm not running from anything.
Mal:  If it's Alliance trouble you got, you might wanna consider another ship.  Some on board here fought for the Independence.
Inara:  The Alliance has no quarrel with me.  I supported unification.
Mal:  Did ya?  Well, I don't suppose you're the only whore that did. 
Inara:  Oh, one further addendum:  that's the last time you get to call me whore.
Mal:  Absolutely, never again.
Inara:  Let me do that.  You never could operate this thing.
Mal:  And try not to talk.  Talking uses up air, ain't no need for it.
Inara:  Mal, come with us.
Mal:  Can't.  Four to a shuttle, Inara.  Four.
Inara:  One more, you know we can't make a difference, not now.
Mal:  I'm not leaving Serenity.
Inara:  Mal, you don't have to die alone.
Mal:  Everybody dies alone.
Zoë:  Welcome back, sir.
Mal:  Did I go someplace?
Shepherd Book:  Very nearly.
Inara:  We thought we'd lost you,
Mal:  Oh, I've been right here.
Jayne:  Well hey, you know, we'd a been back first but there's something wrong with Inara's shuttle.  She's done something to it, Mal.  It smells funny.
Inara:  I told you, that's incense.
Jayne:  So you say.
Wash Washburn:  Could you please tell my wife the fun she's missing out on?
Inara:  Ariel's quite a nice place actually.  There's some beautiful museums, not to mention some of the finest restaurants in the Core. 
Wash:  But not boring, like she made it sound.
Zoë: So how long you gonna be planet side?
Inara:  Shouldn't be more than a day or two.
Wash:  Big stop just to renew your license to companion.  Can I use companion as a verb?
Inara:  It's guild law.  All companions are required to undergo a physical examination once a year.
Kaylee:  Just look at the bright side.  Maybe you'll meet a young, handsome doctor.  He'll ask you out.  What's the companion policy on dating?
Inara:  It's complicated.
Kaylee:  Mmm, well that figures.
Inara:  Stay out of trouble. 
Kaylee:  You too.
Mal:  Hey, how was your thing?
Inara:  As advertised: lots of needles and cold exam tables.  I heard you had some excitement.
Mal:  Oh, nothing much.  Lots of running around, a little gun play, couple needles.
War Stories
Mal: I said yes already. Where’s the outstanding issue?

Inara: The Councillor is an important political figure and a very private person. I…

Mal: He visits you here instead of you going to his place, fine. What? Is this ship not clean enough?

Inara: I just want the Councillor to feel comfortable. And when I say comfortable, I mean totally alone… I’d appreciate it if you’d keep the others from ogling.

Councillor: That feels amazing. Right there, oh that’s perfect. I should have done this weeks ago.

Inara: I wouldn’t have been here weeks ago.

Councillor: And that would have been a shame.

Inara: For me as well. You have such beautiful skin.

Councillor: There’s no need for the show, Inara. I just need to relax with someone who’s making no demands on me.

Inara: Most of my clientele is male. Do you know that?

Councillor: No.

Inara: If I choose a woman, she tends to be extraordinary in some way. And the fact is, I occasionally have the exact same need you do. One cannot always be oneself in the company of men.

Councillor: Never actually.

Inara: So no show. Let’s just enjoy ourselves.

Zoë: Niska has his own code. Twisted as it may be. Very excited about reputation. He’ll see reason.

Inara: reason? He’s a gangster. The money he paid you for that other job, it was already returned to him.

Inara to Mal: I just wish you’d killed that old bastard.


Inara: I was hoping we could talk a little business. Would you like some tea?

Mal: Ok. What’s your game?

Inara: I offered you tea.

Mal: After inviting me into your shuttle of your own free will which makes two events without precedent which makes me more than a little skittish.

Inara: Honestly Mal, if we can’t be civilized and talk…

Mal: I’m plenty civilized. You’re using wiles on me.

Inara: I’m using what?

Mal: Your feminine wiles. Your companion training or some might say, your uncanny ability to make a man sweaty and or compliant of which I’ve had just about enough of today.

Inara: Maybe this isn’t the best time.

Mal: No, no, this is a fine time. You just talk plainly is all.

Inara: I’m not sleeping with you, Mal.

Mal: Uh no. I think I would have noticed. I think my keenly trained senses…

Inara: You’re not my lover. Neither are you my mother, my house mistress, nor anyone with the slightest say in how I conduct my affairs.

Mal: Well enough so.

Inara: So let me conduct my affairs.

Mal: Who’s keeping you from…

Inara: I haven’t had a client for three weeks! Back water moons, slums, frontier planets without so much as a temple built.

Mal: We go where the work is.

Inara: There’s all kinds of work, Mal.

Mal: And ours is the kind that gets you shut down by the Alliance. I opt to stay off the radar.

Inara: There are plenty of worlds where both of us could work. We used to visit them, remember?

Mal: Yi qi shen hu xi.  Are you saying that I’m doing this deliberate? On account of you, that there’s some reason that I want you off the job?

Inara: Is there?

Mal: This is one of the crazier things that I’ve heard today, and when I tell you about the rest of my day, you’ll appreciate…

Inara: I’m not a…

Mal: Hey, no, let’s set a course for the planet of the lonely, rich, and appropriately hygienic man. I’ll tell Wash we can park there for a month.

Inara: Not all of your work is illegal, Mal. And the best job you ever pulled was on a central planet.

Mal: How ‘bout I stay out of your whoring..

Inara: Well that didn’t take long.

Mal: And you keep out of my thieving. I know my job very well. Thank you very much.

Inara: Right, you’re a criminal mastermind. What was the last cargo we snuck past the Alliance to transport? What was the cargo?

Mal: They were dolls.

Inara: They were little geisha dolls with big heads that wobbled.

Mal: Hey, people love those!

Inara: And what exactly was our net profit on the famous wobblely headed doll caper?

Mal: Our cut? You’re in the gang now?

Inara: Well, since I can’t seem to find work as a companion I may as well become a petty thief like you.

Mal: Petty.

Inara: I didn’t mean petty.

Mal: What did you mean?

Inara: Suo xi?

Mal: That’s Chinese for petty.

Inara: No, that’s . There are nuances of meaning that…

Mal: Maybe you should have stuck with your wiles.

Inara: Don’t put all this on me, Mal. You know you haven’t been after serious work…

Mal: Serious work? You wanna know if I…

Inara: What?

Mal: Nothing.

Saffron: This isn’t a one woman operation. To do this right I’m gonna need…

Inara: Idiots.

Saffron: Partners.

Inara: Dupes. That’s what you’ll all be if you trust her. Nimen dou shi shagua.

Zoë: Least it’s your kinda world. Got appointments made?

Inara: I’m gone as soon as we break atmo. I’ve booked a few choice clients. Should get my mind off Mal’s descent into lunacy. Zoë, don’t let Mal trust her. Everything Saffron says is a lie. She’ll get the drop on him which as far as I’m concerned is what he richly deserves.

Inara: Looking for this? Wonder if it works. Oh well, still worth a fortune. Anyway, this works fine. Honey, you look horrific.

Saffron: What are you doing here?

Inara: Oh, just my part of the job.

Saffron: What part of the job?

Inara: You know, I put on the big act, storm away in a huff. Then I fly off, wait for you to double cross Mal, beat you to the rendezvous spot and grab the loot before you can get to it. What, you didn’t see it coming? You know, I’m a little disappointed some of the crew’s performances weren’t quite as nuance as they could have been. I thought they might have tipped the fact that we were playing you from the second Mal took you out of that crate. Oh well guess not…. You’re not gonna die you big baby. The authorities will be here in a few hours to dig you out.

Inara: Should I start with the part where you’re stranded in the middle of no where or the part where you have no clothes?

Mal: All according to plan.

Inara: Really? I thought the plan was for me to act as a fail safe in case everything else went wrong, like for instance, if Saffron disabled Serenity and left you for dead.

Mal: Nonsense. You had a key role to play in this. How sad would you have been if you hadn’t gotten to play it?

Inara: Heartbroken.

Mal: See. All according to plan.

The Message
Inara: Struck out again, did you?

Mal: It’s like something out of a fable. Got this precious artifact, the biggest score of my unseemly career, and no one’ll touch it.

Inara: The Lassiter is universally known. Fencing it is like fencing the Mona Lisa.

Mal: Mona who?

Inara: You’re out of your league. You should consider my offer.

Mal: I’m done thinking about that, and you are to stay clear.

Inara: I know people in the highest ranks of…

Mal: Jabber, jabber, jabber. I ain’t listenin. Just cuz you helped out on the job don’t make you a crook. I will not have you jeopardizing your career over this.

Inara: The career you abhor and look down?

Mal: I just don’t want you in the way of trouble, take it as you like.


Inara: So, do aliens live among us?

Kaylee: Yeah, one of em’s a doctor.

Heart of Gold
Inara: Hi!

Mal: Ah!

Inara: Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you.

Mal: You didn’t. I was just, uh, “Wah!” That’s more like a… it’s a warrior-like like… strikes fear into the hearts of… You know, it’s not altogether wise sneakin’ up on a fella when he’s handling his weapon.

Inara: I’m sure I’ve heard that said, but perhaps the dining area isn’t the place for that sort of thing.

Mal: What do you mean? It’s the only place with a table big enough.

Inara: In that case, every well-bred petty crook knows that the small concealable weapons always go to the far left of the place setting.

Mal: -stare-

Wash: Got a distress call coming in, folks asking for help.

Mal: Really? Folks asking for help from us petty crooks. Maybe I should take that right away.

Wash: Well, it’s for her.

Mal: Huh?

Wash: The call’s for Inara.

Inara: I’ll take it in my shuttle.

Mal: This distress wouldn’t happen to be takin’ place in someone’s pants, would it?

Nandi: And I got word you were in the area. I’m imposing but I got no one else to ask.

Inara: It sounds like something this crew can handle. I can’t guarantee they’ll handle it particularly well, but…

Nandi: They got guns and brains at all…

Inara: They’ve got guns.

Nandi: Payment won’t be a problem. We just ain’t equipped for this.

Inara: Nandi, it’s gonna be allright.

Nandi: The House would tell you not to come. I know they ordered you to shun me when I left.

Inara: The House can gen houzi bi diushi. I would have waved you long ago, it’s just…

Nandi: Doesn’t matter. Who’d have thought we’d both end up all the way out here?

Inara: <laughs> Who’d have thought?

Nandi: Let me know what your people say.

Inara: Of course.

Nandi: I’ll wait to hear from you. Zhufu ni, meimei.

Inara: And you.

Inara: I suppose you heard most of that?

Mal: Only cuz I was eavesdropping. Your friend sounds like she’s in a peck of trouble.

Inara: She is, and there’s no authority on that moon she can go to. They’re totally alone.

Mal: Some men might take advantage of that.

Inara: One man.

Mal: And she’s looking for someone to come along and explain things to him?

Inara: That’s essentially it, yes.

Mal: A whole house full of companions. How they fixed for payment?

Inara: They’re not companions. They’re whores.

Mal: Thought you didn’t much care for that word.

Inara: It applies. They’re not registered with the Guild. They’re…

Mal: Independent?

Inara: Yes. If you agree to do this, you’ll be compensated. I’ll see to it. I’ve put a little aside.

Mal: You can keep your money. Won’t be needin’ no payment.

Inara: Mal, thank you. I’ll contact Nandi at once. But you will be paid. I feel it’s important that we keep ours strictly a business arrangement.

Mal: I’ll speak with the crew.

Inara: Good.

Inara: Nandi, darling.

Nandi: It’s so good to see you, meimei.

Inara: You look wonderful.

Nandi: And you look exactly the same as the day I left. How do you do that out here?

Mal: Sheer force of will.

Inara: Nandi, this is Malcolm Reynolds.

Nandi: I appreciate your coming.

Mal: Any friend of Inara’s is a strictly business like relationship of mine.

Inara: -glare-

Nandi: -knowing look to Inara-

Nandi: He’ll be at the theatre tonight, that’s a certainty.

Mal: So will I. Inara, think you can stoop to being on my arm?

Inara: Will you wash it first?

Mal: -indulgent smile to Nandi-

Inara: Well?

Mal: Well what?

Inara: You said you wanted to look him in the eye. You’ve done that. What’s the plan?

Mal: The plan is we get back to Serenity and we get off this rock just as fast as we can.

Simon: You’re not completely dilated yet. It should be pretty quick but don’t try to force it. The contractions are just preliminary.

Petaline: What’s he saying?

Inara: It’s gonna be awhile, sweetie.

Petaline: Oh, but it hurts! This child wants to be born, I know it.

Simon: Can you get the green vial from my bag? We can dull the pain some.

Inara: How many babies have you actually delivered?

Simon: As a primary? This’d be the first. You?

Inara: My first too.

River: Mine too.

Simon: Gonna be a long night.

Inara: <kisses Simon on the cheek> You’ll do great, Doctor.

River: Who do you think is in there?

Inara: Well.

Mal: I, um, I just had to tell Nandi about, um… big fight today!

Inara: Mal, please.

Mal: Well you know, I was up. I, uh, got to thinking about um…

Inara: So you took to bed with Nandi. I’m glad.

Mal: Glad?

Inara: Yes. She’s a dear friend and probably in need of some comfort about now. One of the virtues of not being puritanical about sex is not feeling embarrassed afterwards. You should look into it.

Mal: I just didn’t want you thinking that I was taking advantage of your friend.

Inara: She’s well worth taking advantage of; I sincerely hope you did.

Mal: So you’re ok. Well, why wouldn’t you be?

Inara: I wouldn’t say I’m entirely ok. I’m a little appalled at her taste.

Inara to Petaline: You’re stronger that this thing, honey. I can feel it in your grip. Petaline, look at me. This is just a moment in time. Step aside and let it happen.

Nandi: Inara, I thought it was just him.

Inara: Nandi, believe me, I’ll be fine.

Rance Burgess: This is my blood, woman!

Inara: No, this is your blood. Now you hand that child over nice and slow, or I’ll spill more than you can spare.

Mal: Think those girls will do all right.

Inara: She taught them well.

Mal: Yeah.

Inara: I’m glad you were with her, her last night. I am.

Mal: Yeah well, I ain’t. Hell, I wish I never met her. Then I wouldn’t have failed her.

Inara: That wasn’t the way of it.

Mal: That’s a kindness. But nothin’ you say’ll convince me different.

Inara: Well, I‘m still glad.

Mal: So you weren’t before? Inara, I ain’t looking for anything from you. I’m just, uh, feeling kinda truthsome right now. And, um, life’s just too damn shorts for ifs and maybes.

Inara: I learned something from Nandi. Not just from what happened but from her. The family she made, the strength of her love for them, is what kept them together. When you live with that kind of strength, you get tied to it. You can’t break away, and you never want to. There’s something, there’s something I should have done a long while ago. And I’m sorry for both of us that it took me this long. I’m leaving.
Objects in Space
 Inara: I put out a few waves to some old acquaintances. I may even be able to find something in New Melbourne if you need the shuttle free.

Mal: Just gonna be there long enough to pick up cargo. You know the only thing you’re going to find in New Melbourne is fish and fish related activities so unless you’ve got the overwhelming urge to gut sturgeon, and who hasn’t occasionally?

Inara: But it’s a layover for every planet this side of he system. I could.. I just don’t wanna draw this out.

Mal: Have you decided when you’re gonna tell the others?

Inara: No, I appreciate your not saying anything.

Mal: Well, I don’t. So make up your mind.

<Inside River’s mind>

Inara: I’m a big girl, just tell me.

Mal: None of it means a damn thing.


Inara: It’s not a threat, Mal, I just can’t do my work under these circumstances.

Mal: You knew the drill when you signed on.

Inara: This is the third planet in a row where I can’t find decent clientele.

Mal: Well, I’m sorry if I’m cutting into your retirement fund, but would it kill you not to spread for a spell?

Inara: You are unreal. I don’t know why I haven’t left already.

Mal: No one’s forcing you to stay.

<Inside River’s mind>

Inara: I’m a big girl, just tell me.

Mal: None of it means a damn thing.

Inara: Stop yelling at her! That’s gonna make it worse!…. Stay calm; don’t yell at her.

Inara: Bizui, nin hen butitie de nansheng! This isn’t a joking matter. This is about our lives and River’s.

Jayne: I don’t like the idea of someone hearin’ what I’m thinkin’.

Inara: No one likes the idea of hearing what you’re thinking.

Inara: This is pointless; you know that.

Jubal Early: 200,000 seems fairly pointed to me. Money like that, I could retire. Not that I would. What’s life without work?

Inara: Serenity’s a smuggling ship. I’ve been here a year, I couldn’t name all the places she might hide.

Early: I don’t have a year. Your sister’s becoming a real annoyance.

Simon: I feel for you.

Early: I’m not gonna waste my time threatening you because I think you believe I will kill people if someone upsets my plan. I’m gonna seal you in though. You just sit.

Inara: You can still walk away from this. I know you’re tired. <Smack!>

Early: Don’t go visiting my intentions. Don’t ever.

Mal: And we live to fight another day.

Inara: Any chance that xiongmeng de kuangren might survive?

Mal: Air he had left… I’d say his chances would be about 1 in a very large number. Ain’t odds I’d play. How’s your lip? <Reaches for her cut lip>


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