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Extra special thanks to Odile, without whom this interview would not appear. This is her interview, and she has very graciously granted me permission to post it here.
Editors Note: Odile Marie Beals passed away July 14, 2006.
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She will be missed....

This interview was originally done in late 2004 for the "Still Flying" fanzine, here is the link:


Summer's Interview

How did you get started in acting? What led you to transition from dancing to acting?

I grew up in a ballet studio. Ballet was my life and no one I knew thought I would ever do anything but dance. Years of intense training, competing, dieting and injury were hard on me. It was difficult for me to feel good about myself. Secretly, I had always wanted to try acting. As a dancer, for me there was one goal – perfection. But, as an actress I can’t think that way. I have never been asked to play a character who is perfect. It is a more comfortable world to live in.

How did you get cast as River?

After my first real television role on “Angel”, Joss mentioned that he was creating a new series. He said there was a role in the story that I should read for. I never imagined that I would be seriously considered, but in the end I like to think that I was cast because I wanted to play River more than any other actress.

What other roles have you played and how did they compare to this one? What would your ideal role be?

I have been lucky to work on other shows like CSI and Cold Case. But really, my heart is with River. My ideal role would be someone that Joss created – naturally. A girl like River in some ways. Damaged but special, Lost but brave. Someone in love but this time not with her brother.

What's the funniest thing that happened while on set (TV and movie)? How would you compare filming the TV series vs. the movie?

Choosing the funniest moments is so hard when you work with the group I do. Nathan loves to make us laugh at the worst moments. I think we laugh more than any other cast in town. The main difference between the series and the movie is – actually, there really wasn’t much of a difference except for the theme song from Jurassic Park. Our trailers were just over the fence from Universal theme park. Sometimes during our lunch break we would run over there to ride the rides.

Were there ever any frustrating or difficult times (TV and movie)?

Yes, during the series it was frustrating to wear spandex shorts and frustrating when we were cancelled over the holidays. You’re cancelled! HOHOHO!!! But I’m not mad anymore. Sometimes life is sad but we bounced back I’d say. Thanks to Joss.

Were you aware of what was happening online to try to save the show?

I was saving for a computer then but that was okay because we talked about you all on set. You can never know how much it meant to have such amazing support. You kept us going there at the end. I wish I could thank each of you. You are famous for your heroic efforts. Thank you so much!

I have read that you spent time on the TV set observing and learning from the other actors. Could you describe what the advantages and disadvantages are in observing acting vs. acting classes?

I adore my cast and respect their talent so much. I was worried that they would have a hard time trusting me with my role. I tried very hard to learn from their example. But everyone was so kind to me. They never made me feel afraid even when I made silly mistakes.

Do you believe that everything River says makes sense on some level? Do you understand her point of view? What was your first impression of River?

Everything that River says means something, but it doesn’t always come out sequentially and she doesn’t always know why she is saying it. I relate to River in many ways, but not the genius part. My first impression of River was – No, she doesn’t have her parents. Simon is everything to her.

How did you find out the movie was a go? What did you do or think when you first learned that you were going to be a movie star?

I remember the day Joss told me that we would make the movie. I remember the shoes I was wearing, what I was drinking. I cried.

Is there anything in particular you would like the fans to know about the movie?

The movie has everything. You will be shocked more than a few times. It’s funny, really funny and so sad. I think it is super unique and smart. That’s what Joss does.

Now that you've been to a few conventions, do you enjoy them? Are you planning on attending more of them?

Yes I do. I’m going to a convention in London on October 29th. I treasure our time with the people who make our jobs possible. I know we will all be attending more throughout the year.

Do you have you any suggestions on how fans can help to promote the movie?

Please tell everyone you know to try it. You can’t go wrong. It’s going to be special. Please don’t go only on opening week. The attendance needs to stay consistent for the first few weeks. Thank you!

What other projects can we look for you in the future?

I am in an episode of CSI “What’s Eating Gil Grissom”. It is supposed to air on November 11th.

Is dancing still a part of your life?

Always will be. I dance constantly and if I wasn’t acting I would go back to theater.

Have you had a chance to visit any of the online communities? If yes, what is your opinion of the thriving fandom?

Yes, I love it when my Mom calls me to read an article she found or a new thread she likes. I’ve tried to write in more than once but I never could get my message to come up on the page. I’m embarrassed to admit to that, but it’s true.

Birthday (year not necessary):

July 24th

Place of Birth:

San Antonio, TX

Favorite Book:

Wuthering Heights

Favorite Author:

C.S. Lewis-My Mama read all of his books to me and my sisters when we were little.

Favorite Film:

Camelot -It was my Grandma’s favorite and I know all the words.

Favorite TV Show:

Will & Grace, West Wing

Favorite TV show as a kid:

Little House on the Prairie, Boy Meets World

Favorite Film as a kid:

Little Mermaid, The Last Unicorn

Favorite Director:

Joss Whedon

Favorite Food:

Apple Pie, Peach Cobbler with vanilla ice cream

Favorite Cake:

Spice cake with cream cheese icing.

Favorite Drink:

Hot tea

Favorite Color:


Mountains, Ocean, Countryside or City:

San Antonio
I don’t like mountains – not enough air I always get nervous
Travelling is my favorite thing. I haven’t been to many places, but the prospect of seeing new things thrills me.

Left or right handed?

Right-handed but as a dancer I’m a lefty.

If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why?

A pony, because my mother had a horse when I was little. She read every horse book to us and showed us every horse movie ever made.

What is your favorite word?


What is your least favorite word?


What turns you on?

Feeling special

What turns you off?


What sound do you love?

My parents’ voices.

What sound do you hate?

My sisters crying.

What profession other than yours would you most like to try?

Opera singer

What profession would you least like to try?

Anything involving planes.

What's your favorite curse word?

Shucks – really.

If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

Pretty good – try again.


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